a livestream
success story.

In addition to a sold-out festival with 225,000 people, the livestream of PAROOKAVILLE was also a great success.

To ensure that those without tickets could still enjoy the performances of renowned artists like Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, and Tiësto, the livestream was once again executed on a large scale.

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The goal of the livestream was to put PAROOKAVILLE on the map worldwide. While the festival primarily attracts a large number of national (German) visitors, it features numerous international artists with a massive following across the globe.

The fans of the DJs are, of course, the perfect target audience for PAROOKAVILLE.

The livestream served as a means to put PAROOKAVILLE on the map among the fans of those international artists.

Parookaville Livestream Success

What was the

The strategy for the online campaigns was to cleverly leverage the fan bases of the major international DJs at PAROOKAVILLE. The Facebook and Instagram artist pages were linked to PAROOKAVILLE. It was the perfect collaboration: fans could enjoy the livestream of their favourite DJs, and PAROOKAVILLE could create new target audiences from the livestream viewers. The new target audiences were immediately included in PAROOKAVILLE’s communication: first with the aftermovie and then with the start of ticket sales for 2023.

What did we

Overall, the livestream was a tremendous success with 5.7 million viewers (combined Facebook and website) and over 210,000 new visitors to the website. This also had a significant boost on ticket sales in the first month: 462% more tickets sold than the previous year. The goal of attracting more international visitors was achieved, generating 542% more revenue from outside Germany. Utilising a livestream is a fantastic marketing tool to reach new target audiences and inspire them to purchase tickets. Are you considering live streaming your event and need assistance with its promotion? Contact us!

Key results

During PAROOKAVILLE 2022, 15 different DJs were livestreamed.

15 DJ’s

The livestream was viewed 5.7 million times on Facebook and the website.


The livestream attracted over 210,000 new website visitors.


Ticket sales for 2023 increased by 462% in the first month compared to the previous year.


Our approach

At Hide and Seek, we don’t stick to a so-called ‘normal’. We don’t have strict times, deadlines or means of communication – we just stick to ourselves and of course…to our customers.

Just like us, our customers are always different too. Advertisers selling the exact same products can turn out to need a very different approach due to different margins, different secondary USPs, different setups of marketing teams, and different levels of online savviness. That’s why for each customer we make a custom plan – every time again.

In addition to a custom approach, it’s important to make success quantifiable. Before we start with campaigns, we decide what success means in terms of numbers so that we’re on the exact same page when it comes to evaluating the results at the end of the month, week, and day.

We always make a tailored plan for each of our clients. With these 4 steps we will find the right solution for you.

Getting to know eachother

First, we would like to learn more about your organization, objectives, timeline, and needs. We will explain our services and approach to determine whether there is a match between our organizations. If there is, we can move on to step two.

Account Deepdive

Next, we would like to conduct an account deep dive to gain insights that will help us create a fitting proposal. We will use data to determine the channel mix, messaging, and data and tech needs.

Proposal Presentation

During our (video) meeting, we will present our proposal outlining our suggested online strategy. We will provide you with different scenarios and related fees, and there will be plenty of time for questions.

Let’s start!

After you have reviewed our proposal and selected the scenario that best fits your needs and situation, we can begin working immediately. We look forward to working closely with you to achieve success!


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