More than
50% growth in search volume

Read how Hide and Seek included Digital Out of Home (DOOH) into PAROOKAVILLE’s omnichannel strategy to increase awareness and excitement levels for the ultimate electronic music festival in Germany.

Thanks to the combination of a well-thought through DOOH strategy and other digital marketing efforts, like Meta and Google campaigns, the branded search volumes in each targeted DOOH city increased at least 50%.

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Read how Digital Out of Home boosted PAROOKAVILLE’s omnichannel strategy and the combination of channels increased branded search volume by at least 50%

The special ingredient?

Weather relevance: we made sure the ads were only visible on the screens during sunny days, aligning with the mood for an outdoor festival.

What strategy
did we follow?

Our strategy was based on targeting two crucial audience groups: nightlife enthusiasts and university students. Based on primary data we chose seven different cities in Germany and the Netherlands to focus on. To increase the relevance, we selected specific areas containing bars, clubs and terrasses. These nightlife hotspots were targeted on weekend nights (Thursdays – Sundays), while screens on or close to universities lit up on weekdays, connecting with students. We selected premium urban panels, which are visible on the street level and reach city dwellers in, usually, dense city areas.   

And, we added a secret ingredient to top it all off: weather relevance. The campaign became more alluring when we made sure the ads were only visible on the screens during sunny days, aligning with the mood for an outdoor festival.

What did we

All in all, our use of data, the strategic timing, audience focus, and weather timing resulted in a strong campaign to boost awareness and excitement for PAROOKAVILLE while making most efficient use of budgets. The combination of our DOOH strategy with other digital marketing efforts, like Meta and Google campaigns resulted in an increase of at least 50% of branded search volume in every targeted DOOH city. For us, this showcases the importance of the role DOOH can play in an omnichannel approach to reach the audience both online and offline with a personalized and relevant message.

Key results

7 cities in Germany and the Netherlands were targeted in the DOOH campaign

7 cities

Our ads showed up on 211 different screens in both Germany and the Netherlands

211 screens

Over 270 thousand impressions were generated with the DOOH campaign

+ 280k impressions

Brand search volumes in all DOOH targeted cities increased by at least 50%

+50% volume

Looking for a tailored
online strategy?

Our customers are different every time. Advertisers selling the exact same products can turn out to need a very different approach due to different margins, different secondary USPs, different setups of marketing teams, and different levels of online savviness. That’s why for each customer, but also for each project within the customers’ organisation, we create a custom plan, every time.

First we’ll need to understand the customers’ organisation and the objectives. By making them quantifiable, we will understand what the boundaries are of how to ‘play the online game’. Then we will dive into your data to understand the current situation and look for opportunities. In order to come up with the right (branding) strategy.

We believe that if both sides – the customer and we as the agency – bring their knowledge to the table, we can make the most successful strategies. That is why we need to get to know each other very well, have clear success metrics in place, we need to zoom out regularly, and always keep an open conversation.

Do you think we can help you to get the most out of your online activities? Feel free to drop us a line. Because we are looking forward to getting to know you!

We always make a tailored plan for each of our clients. With these 4 steps, together we will come up with the right online strategy, in line with your overall objectives.

Getting to know eachother

First, we would like to learn more about your organization, objectives, timeline, and needs. We will explain our services and approach to determine whether there is a match between our organizations. If there is, we can move on to step two.

Account Deepdive

Next, we would like to conduct an account deep dive to gain insights that will help us create a fitting proposal. We will use data to determine the channel mix, messaging, and data and tech needs.

Proposal Presentation

During our (video) meeting, we will present our proposal outlining our suggested online strategy. We will provide you with different scenarios and related fees, and there will be plenty of time for questions.

Let’s start!

After you have reviewed our proposal and selected the scenario that best fits your needs and situation, we can begin working immediately. We look forward to working closely with you to achieve success!


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