Milkshake Festival

Milkshake festival was founded with the idea to create a safe haven for all kinds of people to be who they want to be, even if it’s just for a day or two.

We are very happy that we can, for quite some years already, contribute to this very special festival, for all who love!

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Milkshake Festival is an annual summer event at the Westerpark in Amsterdam. Milkshake’s message is very clear: whether you’re tall, short, thin, thick, gay, straight, yellow or purple; everyone is welcomed and embraced as they are.

Despite the massive growth, the main objective is
always to educate everyone about what Milkshake
Festival stands for: for all who love!

In this case you can read about a successful cooperation between Milkshake Festival and Hide and Seek, since 2016.

Milkshake Festival Case

What was the

Since 2016 the festival has gone from a one-day festival to a three-day event, tripling the fun and love. From top-name DJs to drag acts and performance art, a place where you can be whoever you want to be. That’s why it’s no surprise that the festival has been a very popular festival for the LGBTQ+ community and liked by many more. After all Milkshake festival is for all who love.

From the very beginning, we have contributed to help grow Milkshake Festival from a small niche festival to one of the biggest open-minded summer events of its kind. The festival has also been overseas with a successful edition in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

What did we

We have realised the growth by choosing a multi-channel strategy by translating offline and organic social marketing efforts to online. We have successfully increased ticket sales year by year, by targeting the right messages to the right audiences at the right time. Milkshake’s 2022 edition was fully sold out in the record time of one hour.

Despite the massive growth, the main objective was and always will be to educate everyone what Milkshake Festival stands for: for all who love. This powerful message has been the key for all online ads we have served. With this we have been able to create durable and lasting growth, by combining this powerful message and our strategic online marketing knowledge.

We have worked closely together with Milkshake festival to steadily grow the audience in a durable way. Each year we break record sales, by selecting the right channels, targeting the right audiences, and testing with various ad types to show the best results. With several editions in Amsterdam and also Sao Paulo already behind us, we are looking positively to the future to work on many more great campaigns to spread more love.

Key Figures

Milkshake Festival started as a one day festival, but with the introduction of the Grand Opening Night on Friday has since grown into a three day event.

3 days

The 2022 edition was sold out in record time; only 1 hour.

1 hour

34.000 people visited the last edition of Milkshake Festival.


With a whopping 9 stages per day, you’re bound to be entertained every second!

9 stages

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