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There are numerous ways to use social ads in an effective way. It is important to understand who your target audience is and which is your main objective. Each social media platform is used by people with varying demographics, interests and intentions. It is therefore crucial to understand how people engage with the different social media platforms to decide which is the right mix of channels to achieve your goals.

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Social channels

Meta Ads (Facebook)

Serve ads via the Facebook (Meta) Ads network.

Instagram (Meta Ads)

Instagram Ads are served via the Meta Ads network.

Tiktok Ads

Serving ads on TikTok.

Snapchat Ads

Serving Ads (snaps) on Snapchat.

Pinterest Ads

Serving ads (Pins) on Pinterest.

LinkedIn Ads

Serving ads via the LinkedIn networks.

Twitter Ads

Serving Ads on Twitter.

Spotify Ads

Serving ads on Spotify.

What is Social Advertising?

Social advertising is a form of online advertising that utilizes social media platforms to reach your target audiences. It involves creating and promoting ads on social media networks to promote your products, services or ideas. It allows you to reach a new audience based on various targeting methods, such as  demographics, interests, education or job titles, locations, hashtags or online behavior.

The most common platforms to advertise on are Facebook and Instagram. However, other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterests all have users, targeting methods and ad formats unique to their platform and therefore are interesting to include in your online marketing mix. All social media platforms can be used to reach different types of objectives in different phases of the funnel.

Why would you
advertise on

The main reason you should advertise on social media is because there are a lot of different and extremely specific targeting methods available. Most platforms require users to create an account which includes details that oftentimes can be used in your campaigns to reach your target audience. 

The goal of social advertising is to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic and ultimately generate sales or leads. It also allows you to reach your goals more efficiently as you have control over who sees your ads and can track performance of your ads through metrics like reach, impressions, clicks and conversions, and the cost per metric.

Last but not least, advertising on social media also allows for a lot of creativity as there is a wide range of ad formats available: text ads, image ads, video ads, carousel ads, reels, filters and AI content.

Why us?

The mission of Hide and Seek is to bring positivity through good results and lasting relationships with our customers, partners and employees. We do this by combining the knowledge, personality and experience of our customers with that of our own. Together we can come up with the sharpest strategies, unique to the customers’ characteristics and objectives. 

As our customers are always different, we make a custom plan every time. In this plan we will decide together on what success looks like by making it quantifiable, so that every time results are discussed both we and the customer know exactly whether the light is green or red. 

By regularly zooming out, reflecting on market developments and testing with online advertising innovations we make sure to keep up to speed with the ever-changing (online) world. One thing we know for sure is that changes will keep on coming and that our work never stops. Just how we love it.


Everything we do at Hide and Seek starts with having our knowledge in place, always. We are specialists, so we always need to be up to date. By never stopping learning and sharing within the wider team, together we are smarter than the sum of our parts.


The (online) world is continuously changing, hence, so should a strategy. We work with a ‘strategy cycle’ to ensure we zoom out regularly, that way making sure that our online strategy is always fully aligned with the overall customer objectives.


We believe that the best way to work together is by really making a team, together with the customer. There is no ‘they’ and ‘we’ there only is us, as we want the best results as much as our customers do.


Just as our team is a bunch of great individuals, so are our clients. We do not have an off-the-shelf service. We work case by case, fully customised and always flexible to change plans and choose a different path.

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Amsterdam Museum

We love to work with Hide & Seek, a great team of professionals who are always eager to help optimise our online marketing performance. Thanks to the new ideas, insights and strategies provided by Hide & Seek our museum is reaching old fans and new audiences alike, contributing to our ambition to become a city museum of the future.

Leclerc Baby

The Hide and Seek team helps us with our international campaigns to build our brand worldwide. With their help and knowledge of digital advertising, we’re improving our brand awareness and online sales, so we’re very happy with their services! Always super friendly and a pleasure to work with.

NXT Level

Hide and Seek is a great partner for us! Our partnership goes already for more than 2 years and we are happy with the results we achieved so far. They are trustworthy, reliable, and always open to improvements.

Klaviermeester Orchestra

In a fast-changing digital world, we as an old-school company are thankful we went to Hide and Seek. They’ll take their time to explain everything and present us with various options in the world of online advertising. They also listen to us and created beautiful ads. We are grateful for the monthly follow-up. This is the way to go.

A Nail Studio

Our collaboration with Hide & Seek, a lovely ad agency, was nothing short of perfect. Carmell, an amazing team member, and her young, enthusiastic colleagues created fantastic results for our campaign. We genuinely recommend this friendly and talented group for your advertising needs!

Miss Fierce

Hide & Seek is my preferred partner in crime for digital marketing. They are trustworthy, have an excellent customer service, don’t hesitate to offer new possibilities and always aim to get the max out of a campaign. Furthermore it’s nice to know they have in-house experts for all different angles of the digital marketing spectrum (Google, Meta, TikTok…)

The Introduction

The whole team at Hide & Seek is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They created a customized SEO strategy that was tailored to our specific needs. They are always available to answer any questions and provide guidance, and they kept us informed about the progress of our SEO campaign.


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Asked Questions

How do I advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is a part of Meta, just like Facebook. Advertising on Instagram is done through Meta Ads (formerly Facebook Ads). Instagram is one of the placements you can choose for your ad, along with Facebook or the audience network.

Can Hide and Seek help me create ad content?

At Hide and Seek we want to be the best at the services we offer. That’s why we specialize in ad buying. Currently we do not specialize in or offer content creation, although through our years of online advertising we have of course picked up a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t and can give feedback on ads where necessary. For certain types of campaigns having a few photos or product images is enough to make ads. Other times, if you want to advertise on YouTube or TikTok for instance, or create a really impactful awareness campaign, you might need some video-editing or graphic design done. If you do not have anyone in-house who knows their way around content creation, we advise you to outsource it to a freelancer or creative agency. For a full overview of our services, check out our services page.

Can Hide and Seek manage my social media for me?

At Hide and Seek we do what we do best: online advertising. That means we don’t create and manage organic social media content. For a full overview of our services, check out our services page.

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