Using tracking is an essential part of online campaign management and has only become more important in recent years. Although often underexposed, also because it is technical in nature, it is one of the ways to make a difference in achieving your objectives. We at Hide and Seek deploy tracking to iets full potential.

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What is

Tracking is a technique for collecting data. Consider, for example, data from the website. Google Analytics is often used for this. Correct implementation ensures that this data is correctly ‘tracked’, collected, and displayed. Another example of tracking is data that platforms such as Google and Meta collect from users for advertising purposes.

Tracking has become increasingly important in recent years, but also more complicated at the same time. Terms such as Google Tag Manager, Server-side tracking, API tracking, Google Consent Mode and Enhanced Conversions are a piece of cake for us. It requires the right knowledge to implement tracking correctly and to be able to use it to its fullest extent. Of course, with the GDPR legislation in mind.

Why is good

Correct implementation of tracking ensures the correct collection of data. That is indispensable in online marketing today. This data can, for example, provide insight into the website. How does it perform, which users come to the website, and how can the website be optimized for better results?

Another example is that with tracking, the right data can be collected, which provides insight into the results of online campaigns. Tracking also helps build target audiences that can be used in campaigns for Google Ads and Meta Ads, for example.

Increasingly, both for drawing conclusions and for running online campaigns, people rely on the right data, which means that correct tracking has become increasingly important. Especially now that the landscape has become more complex in recent years.

So many websites are using Google Analytics worldwide right now.


An update to Apple’s operating system (May 2021) that has changed the tracking landscape forever.

iOS 14.5

When server-side and API tracking is not implemented, up to 40% of valuable data cannot be tracked.


This is how many data points Google collects on average from a user for advertising purposes.


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Why us?

The mission of Hide and Seek is to bring positivity through good results and lasting relationships with our customers, partners and employees. We do this by combining the knowledge, personality and experience of our customers, with that of our own. Together we can come up with the most witty strategies, unique to the customers’ characteristics and objectives. 

As our customers are always different, we make a custom plan every time again. In this plan we will decide together on what success looks like. By making it quantifiable, so that every time results are discussed both we as the customer know exactly whether the light is green or red. 

By regularly zooming out, reflecting on market developments and testing with online advertising innovations we make sure to keep up to speed with the ever changing (online) world. One thing we know for sure is that changes will keep on coming and that our work never stops. Just how we love it.


Everything we do at Hide and Seek starts with having our knowledge in place, always. We are specialists, so we always need to be up to date. By never stop learning and sharing within the wider team. Together we can outsmart the individuals.


The (online) world is continuously changing, hence, should a strategy. We work with a ‘strategy cycle’ to ensure we zoom out regularly, that way making sure that our online strategy is always fully aligned with the overall customer objectives.


We believe that the best way to work together is by really making a team, together with the customer. There is no ‘they’ and ‘we’ there only is us. As we want the best results as much as our customers want that.


Just as our team is a bunch of great individuals so are our clients. We do not have an off the shelve service. We work case by base, fully customised and always flexible to change plans and turn into a different direction.


The Introduction

The whole team at Hide & Seek is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They created a customized SEO strategy that was tailored to our specific needs. They are always available to answer any questions and provide guidance, and they kept us informed about the progress of our SEO campaign.

Leclerc Baby

The Hide and Seek team helps us with our international campaigns to build our brand worldwide. With their help and knowledge of digital advertising, we’re improving our brand awareness and online sales, so we’re very happy with their services! Always super friendly and a pleasure to work with.

NXT Level

Hide and Seek is a great partner for us! Our partnership goes already for more than 2 years and we are happy with the results we achieved so far. They are trustful, reliable, and always open to improvements.

Klaviermeester Orchestra

In a fast-changing digital world, we as an old-school company are thankful we went to Hide and Seek. They’ll take their time to explain everything and present us with various options in the world of online advertising. They also listen to us and created beautiful ads. We are grateful for the monthly follow-up. This is the way to go.

A Nail Studio

Our collaboration with Hide & Seek, a lovely ad agency, was nothing short of perfect. Carmell, an amazing team member, and their young, enthusiastic colleagues created fantastic results for our campaign. We genuinely recommend this friendly and talented group for your advertising needs!

Miss Fierce

Hide & Seek is my preferred partner in crime from for digital marketing. They are trustworthy, have an excellent customer service, don’t hesitate to offer new possibilities and always aim to get the max out of a campaign. Furthermore it’s nice to know they have in-house experts for all different angels of the digital marketing spectrum (Google, Meta, TikTok…).

Amsterdam Museum

We love to work with Hide & Seek, a great team of professionals who are always eager to help optimise our online marketing performance. Thanks to the new ideas, insights and strategies provided by Hide & Seek our museum is reaching old fans and new audiences alike, contributing to our ambition to become a city museum of the future.


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Asked Questions

The choice of tracking methods depends on your specific goals, platforms, and marketing channels. Implementing and analyzing tracking data can provide valuable insights to improve marketing strategies and optimize campaign performance. Commonly used methods are: website analytics, conversion tracking, pixel tracking and ad tracking.

How does conversion tracking work?

Conversion tracking works by tracking what people do once they get to your website after clicking on your ads. You can define the action you want to track as a conversion goal, such as a purchase, a sign-up, a call, or a download1. Then, you can use a tracking code or tag to collect data from your website and measure how many conversions your ads have driven.

Conversion tracking also helps you attribute the credit of one or more conversions to your ad campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. This is called conversion attribution1. There are different attribution models that you can use to assign credit to your ad clicks, such as last click, first click, linear, time decay, data-driven, etc.

Conversion tracking can help you optimize your ad campaigns, understand your return on investment (ROI), and improve your website user experience

What are the different types of conversion actions I can track?

There are different types of conversion actions that you can track depending on your business goals and the actions that customers take after interacting with your ads. Some of the common types of conversion actions are:

  • Website actions: These are actions that customers complete on your website, such as purchases, sign-ups, button clicks, or other valuable activities.
  • App actions: These are actions that customers complete in your app or on the app store, such as app installs, app purchases, or in-app events.
  • Phone calls: These are calls that customers make to your business after seeing or clicking on your ads. You can track calls from ads, calls to a phone number on your website, or clicks on a phone number on your mobile website.
  • Imported conversions: These are conversions that happen offline or outside of your website or app, such as store visits, sales from a CRM system, or conversions from other data sources. You can import these conversions into Google Ads using different methods.

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