Online campaigns
from A to Z

The core of what we do is online advertising, meaning paid campaigns, on any type of programmatic platform, online, at home, but also out of home. Whoever your audience is, together we’ll decide on the best channel mix to reach your objectives. For this a good website and data are key. We are on it!

Google ads

We cover both Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform within our team. These platforms offer advertising solutions for all types of advertisers, big and small, regular versus premium, and branding versus conversion. Let’s work together to find the best mix for you!


Example Google Ads services:

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Socials ads

We can help you reach your online goals by advertising on any social media channel that allows ads. Whether you want to reach Gen-Z on TikTok or a professional crowd on LinkedIn, we can work together to decide on the best objectives and formats to use.


Example Social Ads services:

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Data & Tech

Data and technology are essential for effective campaigns. By ensuring that your technology (including your website and tracking) is in place, we can segment and gather smart data that can be used for realistic evaluations and smart campaigns.


Example Data & Tech services:

All Data & Tech

There are many strategies that can be achieved online. For every strategy and set objectives, together we can decide on what specific mix of channels works best in order to be successful.


Branding Strategy

Creating a consistent brand image across all digital platforms.


The buying and selling of goods and services over the internet.

Lead Generation

Attract potential customers and convert them to paying customers.



The Netherlands is known for its great festival culture. And we have been very lucky to give our contribution to many of the great Festival names out there. Sensation White (ID&T) was our very first festival client and from that time on we have worked for festivals of all sizes, local, international and global.


Already in our earliest days, we had the pleasure to work with the biggest EDM label out there: Spinnin’ Records. Since then we have worked with many smaller and larger, local and international labels in all genres. Next to labels we also work with some great artists directly.


We are experienced in the area of film, we have worked on promoting books, but mostly we work for a great set of the finest museums in The Netherlands. Within the cultural industry we therefore work on a wide range of objectives, from awareness to ticket sales, for locals and tourists.


We have worked for many different fashion brands. From sneakers of Schuurman Schoenen to those of Filling Pieces. From Dutch fashion brands like BALR. to the German brand Drykorn. Local, international, sneakers or clothing. We love to get results for fashion brands in all its shapes and for all types of audiences.


Tourists require a particular approach, as they might be in different locations throughout their journey. So when to reach them, when they are still in orientation phase at home? And how to get them over to action, when they are already at location strolling through the streets of your city. We know the tips and tricks to get them to your venue!

Our approach

At Hide and Seek, we don’t stick to a so-called ‘normal’. We don’t have strict times, deadlines or means of communication – we just stick to ourselves and of course…to our customers.

Just like us, our customers are always different too. Advertisers selling the exact same products can turn out to need a very different approach due to different margins, different secondary USPs, different setups of marketing teams, and different levels of online savviness. That’s why for each customer we make a custom plan – every time again.

In addition to a custom approach, it’s important to make success quantifiable. Before we start with campaigns, we decide what success means in terms of numbers so that we’re on the exact same page when it comes to evaluating the results at the end of the month, week, and day.

We make a tailored plan for each of our clients. With these 4 steps, together we will come up with the right online strategy, in line with your overall objectives.

Getting to know eachother

First, we would like to learn more about your organization, objectives, timeline, and needs. We will explain our services and approach to determine whether there is a match between our organizations. If there is, we can move on to step two.

Account Deepdive

Next, we would like to conduct an account deep dive to gain insights that will help us create a fitting proposal. We will use data to determine the channel mix, messaging, and data and tech needs.

Proposal Presentation

During our (video) meeting, we will present our proposal outlining our suggested online strategy. We will provide you with different scenarios and related fees, and there will be plenty of time for questions.

Let’s start!

After you have reviewed our proposal and selected the scenario that best fits your needs and situation, we can begin working immediately. We look forward to working closely with you to achieve success!


NXT Level

Trustful, reliable and always open for improvements.

Hide and Seek is a great partner for us! Our partnership goes already for more than 2 years and we are happy with the results we achieved so far. They are trustful, reliable, and always open to improvements.

Leclerc Baby

Always super friendly and a pleasure to work with.

The Hide and Seek team helps us with our international campaigns to build our brand worldwide. With their help and knowledge of digital advertising, we’re improving our brand awareness and online sales, so we’re very happy with their services! Always super friendly and a pleasure to work with.

Amsterdam Museum

Always eager to help optimise our online marketing performance.

We love to work with Hide & Seek, a great team of professionals who are always eager to help optimise our online marketing performance. Thanks to the new ideas, insights and strategies provided by Hide & Seek our museum is reaching old fans and new audiences alike, contributing to our ambition to become a city museum of the future.

Want to know more or just spar?

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