Search Ads Specialist

We are looking for a SEA / Google Ads Specialist for our office in Amsterdam West. Do you have a wealth of Google Ads knowledge to grow our customers? Are you motivated, driven, eager to learn, social and looking for a new challenging job? Then we hope to hear from you soon!

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For sometime you have been around, you are sure that Search Ads is ‘your thing’ and you surely want to stick around way longer… Then it is you we are searching for!

What the job
is all about

As a SEA Specialist, you are fully responsible for the results of the various search campaigns that you manage. You have a keen eye for optimisation and innovation opportunities and you apply them to ensure the best possible outcomes. You monitor the performance of your campaigns closely and constantly fine-tune and expand them. You never settle for less than excellence.

You have solid experience with other Google Ads campaign options, such as Google Display, YouTube and Shopping. You are also proficient in Channable or eager to learn more about it. You know how to leverage these channels to maximize your results.

You are the ‘owner’ of your own portfolio of clients within Hide and Seek. You take full responsibility for your projects from start to finish. You have the autonomy and the drive to make the most of it. Your clients’ success is your motivation and satisfaction. You always go the extra mile to keep them happy.

The profile
for the job

To qualify for this role, you need to have a completed HBO/WO education and at least two years of experience in managing search campaigns. You are passionate about online marketing and familiar with terms such as CPC, CTR and ROAS. You have already pressed the buttons a lot and would like to take on the challenge of operating them as smartly as possible. You are interested in the latest developments in targeting, advertising formats and new advertising channels and you leverage them to optimize your results.

You are not intimidated by a large amount of data. You can analyze and interpret it effectively. Data is your guide and your goal. It helps you design, manage and improve your campaigns. Moreover, you are always curious about what is happening in the markets of your clients. You use your insights to come up with creative ideas that can contribute to their online success. We work as one team with our clients, so we always think along with them.

Search engines are a vital channel for reaching new and existing potential customers. That’s why search campaigns are crucial for many of our clients. As an SEA specialist, you will join our team in this area. You love Google Ads and know how to fine-tune your campaigns. You are always eager for the next updates. And, like us, you see the endless possibilities for our clients.

Have you not completed your education, but for a good reason. No problem!


You have two plus years experience at running Google Ads.

2+ years

You are certainly not afraid to roll up your sleeves.

Hands on

You are social and approachable as the go-to person for clients and team.


How to apply?

Our application process is quite easy. Just a few steps in which we can get to know you and see whether you fit the job profile and whether you are a match to our team. Both as important!

First, we would like to receive your CV and motivation letter. We always find it important to hear why you see a fit with Hide and Seek. So the better you can motivate that, the easier it will be. Then we will setup a first video call, to get to know each other. Is this another success, then we will plan a live interview in which you will be asked to present a few (small) cases, in which you can show your knowledge, experience and motivation. When we are both enthusiastic, the contract is there.

We are an easy crowd. So all these steps will be smooth and fun!

Most important for us is finding the best match between the candidate, the job and the team. When all this feels natural, then we know we have found the true match.


When your resume and motivation have made an impression, we will schedule an interview as soon as possible! Be sure to get both our way!

Video call

During the first video call of half an hour, we would like to find out everything about who you are, why this is your job and why we are your team.

Live interview

If the first conversation was a success, an in-depth conversation in which you’ll be asked to present a few (small) cases will follow with one of the founders.

Let’s start!

When we are both enthusiastic, then we will wait no longer and come up with a good offer for you to become part of the Hide and Seek team.

Apply now!

Does this job have your name on it? Then wait no longer and start applying. Do so by handing in both your CV and motivation letter. We like a good motivation 🙂

Hoping to hear from you soon!



Working at the
Loving Agency

We are a great team that values personal relationships above all, with each other and with our customers. We ensure that everyone is happy and fulfilled, both personally and professionally. We have a lot of fun together, with outings, drinks, events and parties. We also collaborate with wonderful clients, who appreciate our pleasant and positive approach.

We work very hard to deliver the most clever and creative strategies for our clients. We don’t have one way of doing things, but we always find the best way for each situation. We have been recognised by multiple impressive awards for our outstanding results. A nice reward for our daily efforts to achieve excellence for every client.


Hide and Seek is an agency with a clear expert product focus. We are really experts, not generalists. This is how we ensure development in the field of personal skills and campaigns, every day!


Hide and Seek is an award-winning agency, always working on the most creative and strategic campaigns. Together we make the difference for the growth and success of our customers!


Within Hide and Seek we only work with nice customers. For us, a good personal relationship is paramount because we believe that together you are stronger. That way, work never has to feel like work.


Our team consists of all different, cool and unique personalities. Our differences make us the happy and strong team that we are. Every day is a good day to go to the office with such a nice and positive team as ours.

Want to know more or just spar?

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