We like our flexibility, we like our personal approach, we like our close relationships. And we like our style. Our aim is to always work the way we work today. Together with you?

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Loving Agency.

We are a great team and we care for each other. We make sure that everyone is happy and fulfilled. We have a lot of fun together, with outings, drinks, events and parties. We also work with wonderful clients, who appreciate our pleasant and positive collaboration.

Besides the fun, we also work very hard to deliver the most clever and creative strategies for our clients. This has been recognised by multiple impressive awards. A nice reward for our daily efforts to achieve the best results for every client.


Search Ads Specialist

Based in Amsterdam

Based in Amsterdam

The aim of Hide and Seek is to be the ‘Agency of Choice’. Not only for our customers and partners, but also for our people. For us a human, personal and fun approach is the way to get the most out of every day!


Hide and Seek is an agency with a clear expert product focus. We are really experts, not generalists. This is how we ensure development in the field of personal skills and campaigns, every day!


Hide and Seek is an award-winning agency, always working on the most creative and strategic campaigns. Together we make the difference for the growth and success of our customers!


Within Hide and Seek we only work with nice customers. For us, a good personal relationship is paramount because we believe that together you are stronger. That way, work never has to feel like work.


Our team consists of all different, cool and unique personalities. Our differences make us the happy and strong team that we are. Every day is a good day to go to the office with such a nice and positive team as ours.

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