What is a good Google Search Ads click-through rate?

By Jeroen, 28 June 2023

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CTR rate Search Ads

Before we can look at what a good click-through rate for an Google Ads campaign would be, it is important to explain what this ratio means.

What is a click through rate?

The click-through rate (CTR) is the number of people who click on an ad divided by all of the people who saw the ad. A high CTR is important because it improves the quality score and therefore improves the position and reduces costs.

A simple calculation:

Click-through rate = Clicks / Impressions x 100%

A CTR of 1% means that 1 out of 100 people who see an ad click on it. The CTR is an important metric because it indicates how relevant an ad is to your target audience. A high CTR indicates that your content is very relevant and a low CTR indicates that your content is not relevant or attractive.

What is a good click-through rate in a Google Search Ads campaign?

Unfortunately, this is not a simple answer and depends on several things. The average CTR also differs greatly per industry. Here is an overview of average click-through rates from various industries of our customers in the past year.

Click-through rate by industry

eCommerce = 5.6%

B2C Services = 8.2%

B2B Lead Gen = 3.3%

Ticketing = 7.1%

We see that for e-commerce customers the average CTR is 5.6%. So a good CTR for this industry would be around 6%-7%. For ticketing, the average CTR is 7.1% and here a high CTR would be around 8%-9%. As you can see, a good CTR differs greatly per industry and per business goal. For example, you can see that the CTR for e-commerce transactions is much higher than for lead generation. We also see an increase in CTR across all industries year over year. This suggests that relevance is playing an increasingly important role and that ads are becoming more personalised and relevant to users.

After a user clicks on your ad, the landingpage is all that connects the user to your desired action. A sale, e-mailadres or minimum scroll depth is now the responsibility of your landingpage. Next up is how you can boost your Google Ads campaigns by improving the landingpage experience.

How does your CTR compare to our benchmarks?

If your CTR differs enormously from ours, we recommend that you check which keywords you are bidding on. Are all of these keywords relevant to your target audience and business? If not, it can cause a lower CTR. We also recommend thoroughly experimenting with the ad copy. It’s always good to A/B test with the ad copy with different call-to-actions or a different tone of voice. Do you need help improving your CTR? Don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form below!

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