What benefits does DV360 offer you?

By Jeroen, 1 July 2023

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Advantages of DV360

In this blog we dive into the many benefits that DV360 can offer you. We’ll briefly explain how it is different from the Google Display Network (GDN), and then we’ll go into some of the things we love about DV360. This way you know exactly whether, and in what way, DV360 can be of value to your company/brand.

The differences between the Google Display Network and DV360

DV360 scale

Advertising with Google Ads offers easy access to the GDN and YouTube. The GDN is like a repository of all kinds of different websites that allow you to show your ads on their website. YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, lets you advertise with video ads. According to Google, the GDN covers 90% of the total websites on the internet. In short, Google Ads is a good solution for SMEs that want to generate a large reach with video or display ads in a cheaper way.

Appear on premium placements

What the GDN does not provide access to are the websites that are not affiliated, and these are especially the most wanted websites; also known as premium placements. These are websites of major platforms and companies, such as TV channels, newspapers, magazines and lifestyle blogs (in an earlier blog we explained the premium placements in a nice overview). We think this is the biggest advantage of DV360, because through DV360 you can gain access to this popular inventory and make even more impact with your ads, because you focus your ads on a specific platform where content is also consumed differently by people. An advertisement on such a platform, therefore, generates a different, often better, effect than on a platform where people want to quickly gain information.

Premium placements

Be one step ahead of your direct competitors

Another advantage of DV360 is the fact that direct competitors are unlikely to advertise with DV360. You can’t use DV360 for free, like Google Ads, and in addition using DV360 is also a lot more complicated than Google Ads. That is why we increasingly recommend DV360, as an agency, to our customers. Multinationals and large companies are often present on DV360. As a ‘smaller’ company you can therefore benefit from the fact that potential customers see your brand next to other large companies. This will have a positive effect on the brand experience of your own company/brand.

GDN is getting less effective

A final trend, partly due to iOS 14 updates, is that the effectiveness of advertisements on the GDN seems to be decreasing, especially in terms of conversion. This is certainly not the case for everyone, but accounts that are not yet widely known are now seeing this problem more often. Unfortunately, for brand awareness ads, there are far less relevant placements available through Google Ads to generate high-quality brand awareness. Fortunately, DV360 offers solace. Read on to find out how!

How do you use DV360?

DV360 offers a huge range of options for targeting, using certain ad formats, etc. As an agency, we have therefore thought about the set-up that can make the most impact for our customers.

Branding or conversions?

First of all, we think DV360 is ideal for branding: after all, you are present on premium placements, where other large companies are present, and therefore you can load your brand in a powerful way. We can always test conversion ads, but ultimately video and display are not necessarily the best conversion channels.

Video or display?

If branding is indeed the goal, then the question remains: video or display? As mentioned before, the GDN covers 90% of the internet. With display ads via Google Ads you can end up in many places. However, if you want to advertise with video via Google Ads, you are limited to YouTube only (which nevertheless has a very large reach). The premium placements, which you can access with DV360, often also make it possible to advertise with video ads. This allows you to transcend the YouTube platform. With video ads you also have the opportunity to powerfully convey a brand experience; often better than a display banner. That does not alter the fact that there is certainly room for display ads, especially on premium placements. But with video you can make a little more impact.

Main takeaways

  • Appearing on premium placements is DV360’s most valuable addition.
  • On premium placements, content is consumed differently, more frequently intensively.
  • Your direct competitors probably don’t advertise on DV360.
  • The effectiveness of display ads on Google Ads appears to be decreasing on many accounts.
  • DV360 is best suited for increasing your brand awareness.
  • DV360 allows you to transcend the YouTube platform with video ads.

Ready, set? Go!

If you, like us, understand the added value of DV360, the next step is of course to run campaigns. In addition to the information in this blog, there are many things to keep in mind to run successful campaigns on DV360 — and we’re happy to help you with this! We are always available for a cup of coffee or a short call about the ways in which DV360 can be used for your company. As you can read, the power of DV360 is becoming more and more important, and DV360 has already been introduced and appreciated by many of our customers. So don’t wait too long; let’s take the first steps together!

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