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By Hide and Seek, 14 July 2023

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Over the years we had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients. So of course we were thrilled when we heard we were finalists at the European Search Awards. All these tense moments had us thinking about 2021, when we won 4 awards! Let us give some detail about the client and the awards.

Our House – Best Local Campaign (PPC):

Our team’s dedication and expertise in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising resulted in us receiving the prestigious award for Best Local Campaign. Our House delivers a unique immersive and interactive experience by taking you through the history of House music. The challenge we had to overcome was that Our House lacks a strong and established brand name in Amsterdam. In order to overcome these challenges, we focused on research, audience analysis, creativity, originality, and swift adaptation. By directing our efforts towards local tourists, we were able to exceed our expectations and establish Our House Museum as a prominent player in Amsterdam’s competitive environment. We are super happy that all of our efforts have been rewarded by this giant accomplishment!

Nxt Museum – Best Integrated Campaign:

We collaborated with Nxt Museum on a one month long campaign aimed at boosting ticket sales on Mondays through Wednesdays, as those days have relatively low sales compared to the other days. Our solution was the integrated “Bring Your Date” campaign, incentivizing visitors to come to the museum on these days by offering a 50% discount on the second ticket purchased. Our creative campaign was applied to multiple channels, with an unified message tailored to the target audience, resulting in an above-target increase in ticket sales. Moreover, our discount code was used a total of 712 times, making a significant contribution to the campaign’s success. Besides all this, we also used out-of-the-box channels that are not as common within online advertising, such as Grindr, but fit this campaign perfectly. We are equally thrilled with receiving this award and very happy to share a second award with Nxt Museum!

Moments like this give us so much energy! Special thanks to Marlous and Rens for all their hard work, next stop will be the Global Search Awards in a month. Hopefully there is another moment to celebrate. We will keep you posted!

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