The Future of SEO: From AI to Voice Search

By Jeroen, 15 September 2023

Search Engine Optimisation

The online world is changing fast, and so is the way we make our websites show up in search results. Gone are the days when just using the right keywords was enough. Now, with new technologies, how we do SEO is changing too. In this blog you will learn about our predictions for the near future and what technologies will lead the way in Search Engine Optimization.

Artificial Intelligence: The backbone of modern SEO

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just a trendy word now; it’s becoming a major part of online searching. For example, Google uses AI to improve its search results. AI helps predict what users might search for even before they finish typing. It also means search results will become more personalized, matching what people like, their past searches, and even how they’re feeling.

Voice Search: The dawn of conversational queries

Devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home and just our smartphone let people search using their voice. This means people use natural, spoken phrases instead of typical keywords. A conversational query would be a full sentence of a user asking a device a question, optimizing for voice search is getting more and more traction.

E-A-T Guidelines: The gold standard of content quality

Google has guidelines that focus on Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). Soon, tools might measure how trustworthy a piece of content is, looking at things like the writer’s background, where links come from, and if the information is correct. What people say about a business offline could also affect online rankings.

Augmented Reality: Merging the digital and tangible

The line between the digital world and reality is blurring with Augmented Reality (AR). Not only can you point your phone at a restaurant for reviews, but soon, you might get virtual tours, book a table, or even sample a product virtually. Businesses that adopt AR early will likely have an advantage, offering users an immersive experience that’s hard to rival. The early adopters will take the advantage until the technology is perfected.

Zero-Click Searches: Instant answers

The SEO landscape is witnessing the ascent of zero-click searches, courtesy of features like Google’s Knowledge Panel. Traditional top positions in search results may no longer be the coveted spots, as SEO experts pivot to optimizing for featured snippets that offer instant answers. For businesses, this means there’s a new prime spot: becoming the definitive answer that search engines display prominently.

Blockchain: Beyond cryptocurrencies

While most people associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies, its potential for SEO is immense. The transparency and security that blockchain provides can ensure a cleaner, more trustful digital space. By verifying the authenticity of ads, transactions, and even content, blockchain can create a safer environment for users and businesses alike. Plus, with its capacity to provide verifiable timestamps, creators can firmly establish their original content, minimizing unauthorized reproductions.

In essence, the horizon of SEO stretches far and wide, promising an exhilarating blend of technology, user experience, and pure content quality. It’s not merely about ranking anymore; it’s about ensuring relevance and authenticity in a digital universe that’s always in flux.

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