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By Jeroen, 10 January 2024

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Social media has been central in the media landscape for many years, with numerous global companies competing to be the most important platform for organizations, governments, NGOs, and consumers. In 2023, Facebook and Twitter lost many users, while TikTok, Instagram, and WhatsApp saw an increase in user numbers. This is evident from the National Social Media Survey 2023, the largest study on the use of social media in the Netherlands, conducted by Newcom. Read here what this means for the trends to follow in 2024.

The biggest losers and winners

Those who follow the news a bit see X (formerly Twitter) regularly in the news. More and more critical notes are also reflected in the number of users, with X losing almost half a million users in the Netherlands in 2023. Facebook also lost users.

The growth/decline of the 5 largest social media platforms in 2023

The growth/decline of the 5 largest social media platforms in 2023

Whatsapp, Instagram, and TikTok, on the other hand, show the largest growth in user numbers. Instagram gained 1,178,000 more users in 2023 compared to 2022. TikTok is not yet among the 5 largest social media platforms in the Netherlands. If the current trend continues, this will not last long. In addition to Instagram, TikTok also gained more than 1 million new users in 2023. That’s even a 34% growth.

Daily use of social media platforms

Just like the total number of users, the daily use of Facebook also decreased by 4%. In daily use, WhatsApp is well ahead and has experienced strong growth. The platform shot up by 1,141,000 daily Dutch users. The strongest riser, in percentage, is again TikTok. The platform has increased by 54% in daily use, which is an increase of 862,000 users.

Daily users of the biggest social media platforms in The Netherlands - 2024

Besides the decline of Facebook, the decline of X / Twitter (-26%), LinkedIn (-13%), and Pinterest (-15%) is also noticeable. A new notable platform is BeReal, which, with 0.8 million daily users, is in 9th place. This platform was not included in the study in 2022, so there is no comparison material.

9 Trends Within Social Media Platforms for 2024

  1. A positive or negative NPS often correlates with declines or increases in users.
  2. Facebook is seeing aging. The largest losses in users are between the ages of 15 and 29. The age group 55 and older, on the other hand, sees a growth of 4%.
  3. X / Twitter mainly loses highly educated women aged 20 to 39.
  4. Instagram is less popular among teenagers; the momentum there is with TikTok, Snapchat, and BeReal.
  5. The daily use of Whatsapp is declining under the age of 25, with growth in the age groups above.
  6. TikTok is growing strongly among those over 40, but also among twentysomethings and young thirtysomethings; the platform is increasing in user numbers.
  7. Among teenagers and early twentysomethings, BeReal has a serious market share.
  8. The number of social media platforms used daily has increased, mainly thanks to the age groups from 40 years.
  9. All age groups are more active on social media daily in terms of minutes.

Take advantage of this research, show your manager that it’s finally time to start advertising on social media, and investigate which platforms your target audience mainly uses. If you want to read the full study, you can visit Newcom.

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