Ideas for using ChatGPT in PPC content

By Hide and Seek, 23 February 2023

Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that your creativity went down the drain together with the last drops of your coffee? Exactly at the same time you see the last drop of your coffee flowing away, you get a new client who needs a brand new copy ad, and they need it right now. Or you’re in a need to refresh the content of your current ad copy? Great! 

So here’s the deal, instead of pulling your hair out while you’re googling everything about the topic, trying to find inspiration, read this blog to find out how to handle these situations and actually enjoy your coffee!

In November of 2022, the company OpenAI, a research and deployment company, released its new product called Open AI ChatGPT, version 3. The hype was real and on December 6th the service reached 1 million users and dominated Google Trends. ChatGPT works with a conversational model, you just simply ask the question after which the AI model provides you with an answer. You can also have a follow-up conversation which makes the conversation as coherent as you would have with a human. Currently, ChatGPT is free for everyone’s use, so let’s dig in!

In PPC-marketing (Pay Per Click)it’s all about that one click that leads up to the sale. Therefore you want to have the best content to draw the attention of your crowd, and make it convert. When you need the copy fast, and creativity is low, it can be a challenge to come up with fresh ideas. That’s where ChaptGPT comes in. Let me give some examples of queries and answers that would ease your struggles:

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5 examples of questions and answers to use as PPC content

1. Can you write me some headlines for a company that sells soft drinks, max 30 characters for each headline?


  1. “Sip Your Way to Happiness”
  2. “Refresh Your Taste Buds”
  3. “Drink Up, Smile More”
  4. “Quench Your Thirst Instantly”
  5. “Satisfy Your Cravings”
  6. “Savor the Sweetness”
  7. “Revitalize Your Spirit”
  8. “Taste the Joy of Refreshment”
  9. “Elevate Your Mood with a Sip”
  10. “Indulge in a Flavorful Treat”

2. Can you write me description lines for a soft drinks company? Max 90 characters per line.


  1. “Refreshingly delicious flavors that quench your thirst!”
  2. “Enjoy a sip of happiness with our all-natural drinks.”
  3. “Get a burst of flavor with every sip!”
  4. “Stay hydrated with our tasty and healthy beverages.”
  5. “A drink for every moment, from morning to night!”
  6. “Join the movement to a healthier, more sustainable future.”

3. Can you write me headlines with max 30 characters and descriptions that would include social proof?


  1. “Trusted by millions worldwide”
  2. “Recommended by 95% of users”
  3. “Loved by thousands”
  4. “Proven results: 5-star ratings”
  5. “Endorsed by experts”. 
  6. “Over 95% of customers would recommend us to their friends and family!”
  7. “Our product has received rave reviews from industry experts and customers alike.”
  8. “Join the thousands of happy users who have transformed their lives with our products.”

4. What would be the USPs of a company that sells soft drinks?


  1. “Unique flavors”: Offering a range of unique and exotic flavors not available in other soft drink brands.
  2. “Health benefits”: Position soft drinks as healthier alternatives with lower sugar content or added vitamins and minerals.
  3. “Convenient packaging”: Providing innovative packaging options like recyclable cans or on-the-go packs.
  4. “Sustainability”: Highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainability, such as using eco-friendly packaging or sourcing ingredients from sustainable sources.
  5. “Heritage”: Tapping into the brand’s history, heritage, and legacy to create an emotional connection with the customers.
  6. “Quality ingredients”: Using premium quality ingredients and highlighting the absence of artificial preservatives, colorings, and sweeteners.

In case your client doesn’t have a properly built website, the quality score of your keywords is low and the landing pages are already stuffed with keywords. You need some new ideas, and while we’re at it we might as well ask ChatGPT to provide us with some fresh ideas that can make the client’s landing pages more appealing. Let’s GO!

5. Can you suggest some new ideas for a landing page for a soft drinks company? That was not mentioned in headlines, descriptions, or USPs previously.


  1. “Lifestyle pairing”: Offer suggestions for different occasions and lifestyle choices where your soft drinks would be the perfect accompaniment, such as at a picnic, during exercise, or for a relaxing evening at home.
  2. “Social media buzz”: Showcase user-generated content from social media, such as photos and testimonials from happy customers.
  3. “Interactive quiz”: Create a fun quiz for visitors to take that helps them find their perfect flavor match, increasing engagement and encouraging them to try more of your products.

All in all, these are just a few examples of how to use Open AI ChatGPT. The most effective approach will be depending on your targeted audience, brand messaging, and goals. The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong, so ChatGPT encourages us to keep experimenting in order to broaden our horizons! 

What you should take into account when you want to use ChatGPT

Keep in mind that you don’t want to one on one copy these generated pieces of text, because while it seems like a fast win, it can play against you in the future. Google is trying its best to detect whether content has been AI generated. We have seen penalties for (AI) generated pieces of text in the past, so think about a long-term strategy to use ChatGPT for your PPC marketing. Both sides are rapidly evolving, and it’s a must for every content creator to keep up with these technologies. This is just the beginning and sure this is not going to be the only service, but at the point of writing it is the best. 

Also want some graphics to go with your PPC content, please check out both DALL E and Mid Journey. If you’re mastering both in terms of the rights queries you can really enjoy that coffee that first went down the drain. 

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