Google Search Ads: The Ultimate Guide

By Carmell, 5 September 2022

Google Ads

In this guide you will find everything you need to know about Google Search Ads in 2023. Google Search is still is one of the most conversion generating channels in the online world. This is why it’s important to know everything about this channel and the latest trends. After reading this guide you will have all the tips you need to use Google Search Ads optimally. 

What we are going to talk about:

  • Introduction into the world of Google Search Ads
  • Tips, tricks & trends to make your account perform optimally

Introduction into the world of Google Search Ads

Everyday there is an average of 3.9 billion people who search for something on Google. A whopping 91.45% of the people use Google as a search engine. This means that when people want to know something, their search quest often starts at Google. This is the reason why this channel is very appropriate for online advertising, a prominent presence on Google Search can not only give awareness but also a lot of conversions. 

Advertentie op Google Search waarmee je uitkomt bij Hide and Seek

But what exactly are Google Search Ads? With Google Search Ads you can show your company, product or service at the top of the search results when someone is searching for a term you advertise on. Actually Google Ads increase your findability when someone searches for terms that have something to do with your business. 

Even though this sounds pretty simple, behind building the ads is a whole Google account with all kinds of options and possibilities. There are all kinds of things that should be taken into account, such as:

1. Creating the perfect structure

Google Search campaigns are based on a fixed structure, which you can see in the image below. You can fill in this structure for your business.

Google Ads Structuur

2. Set up the right keywords

A very important part of your Google Search Ads are the keywords. As a company you want to be found by people who are actually looking for the product or service you are offering. You do not want to be found on a search term like “new roller skates” when you are a make-up brand. 

3. Find the right bidding strategy

An auction is actually taking place within Google Ads, where different companies are bidding on the same search terms. By picking the right bidding strategy you can come out on top in this auction. Google Ads is offering different automated bidding strategies which ensure that you are visible on the search terms that you said you want to be visible on. Important is that you pick the best strategy for your company targets. Make sure you formulate clear targets and pick a bid strategy complementing those targets (for example target: 1000 new visitors per week on the website, bidding strategy: maximize clicks).

4. Writing the best advertising texts

To be as relevant as possible on Google it is important to have great advertising texts. Luckily Google helps you with this. Google Ads tells you what you can do to give your ads the status ‘excellent’. 

5. Select your target audience

It’s also possible on Google to select your target audience (either for targeting or purely for observation). Google offers different in-market (people who are looking for a certain product or service), affinity (people who have affinity with a certain subject) and demographic (age etc.) target audiences.

6. Adding extensions

To optimize your ad you can add extensions. These extensions complete your ads with different kinds of information to make it easy for the searcher to quickly find everything they need.

As you can see in the image below there is a telephone number, a price, different links to click on and different highlights about the product or service.

Extensies bij een Google Search Ad

All the points mentioned above are required to build a perfect Google Ads Account. However, a Google account is never really finished. This means that you have to consistently optimize your account to improve it. 

Tips, tricks & trends to make your account perform optimally

Now that we know a thing or two about the world of Google Ads it’s useful to look at some tips, tricks & trends. These extras will make sure that you advertise successfully on Google Ads.

1. Keyword terms

On Google there are 3 different sorts of keywords you can use (broad, phrase match and exact). The choice you make between these keywords determines the structure of your ad groups and the results of the campaign. For example, when you choose to use broad keywords, you set up a broad structure and you do not divide all your terms in different ad groups. Negative keywords become even more important and you mainly focus on finding where the search volume is. When you choose exact/phrase keywords, you use more ad groups and a divided structure. When you already know where your search volume can be found, this is a cheaper way to get conversions. 

2. Landing Page

A lot of companies forget it, the landing page. It’s not just important to fix your Google Ads account but it is just as important to have the right user friendly landing page for people to land on whenever they click on your ad. Give this some attention as well!

3. Responsive ads

Recently Google decided to remove the possibility to create expanded text ads. This means that you can only create responsive text ads. Since the focus is now on responsive ads, it is necessary to create ads with an excellent quality score.

4. Hagakure Method

Finally, Google introduced a new way of structuring your campaigns which is called the Hagakure method. With this method Google advises you to do things like use an automated bidding strategy, use DSA ad groups instead of DSA campaign and use broad match keywords.

Visualisatie van Hagakure-methode

5. Bonus: Performance Max

Performance Max is the newest form of advertising offered by Google. Though not a Search tool per se, it is well worth looking into. This automated form of advertising combines different Google channels (Display, YouTube, Gmail and Discovery) and serves the ads on the channels Google thinks your target can be reached. Interesting about this way of advertising is that Google finds the relevant audience/channel for you. This makes Performance Max very interesting to find new target audiences with. Currently we run Performance Max next to our other campaigns, we use it as a supplement instead of a replacement.

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