DV360: what is display & video 360?

By Rens, 24 December 2021

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The end of the year is approaching. Many companies are working on annual plans for 2022, and are wondering what the most logical budget choices are in the field of digital marketing. In the past period, we have been busy introducing DV360, a tool from Google, to some of our customers, because we strongly believe in this application. In this blog, we would also like to introduce DV360 to you. So keep on reading to find out about the added value of DV360 for your company.

What is DV360?

DV360 is a tool from Google that allows you to buy real-time advertising space. You can do this on the well-known Google Display Network, which also includes YouTube, for example. This network covers about 90% of the total internet, according to Google. However, the remaining 10% is where our main interest is. These are the so-called premium placements, which only a select group of agencies and companies have access to, and where your advertisements can make an extra impact.

Premium placements

With DV360 you can be present on premium placements. Think, for example, of Talpa Network, RTL XL, De Ster or FD Mediagroep (Premium Dutch network examples) — relevant places where people experience the advertisements differently than on YouTube, for example. In addition, your ad will be shown in a series with other well-known brands. Your target audience will therefore indirectly associate your brand with well-known brands. In practice, this means that the brand awareness is of a higher quality and that your brand will stick better with your target group.

Advertising Budgets

“This all sounds fantastic”, we often hear. “But how expensive is DV360 compared to Google Ads?” The answer is simple: it depends. Basically, the CPMs you pay for the premium placements are often higher in nature. This in turn means that for the same budget you would receive fewer impressions than on Google Ads. There is not a minimum budget threshold to start advertising. It is perfectly possible to keep the same budgets as for a YouTube campaign on Google Ads, only the number of impressions is usually lower. Even though the average price is a bit higher, it actually can pay off knowing you are spending the extra money on premium quality placements.

What you need to know

The DV360 application has so many unique possibilities. In the next blog you learn mow about the available buying types of DV360. In future blogs, we’ll delve deeper into targeting options, content, and more. For now you at least know what the added value of DV360 is:

  • DV360 offers access to the 10% premium placements;
  • These premium placements are available for a select group of agencies and large companies;
  • Your target group will therefore indirectly associate your brand with these well-known brands;
  • DV360 is generally a bit more expensive because the CPMs are higher; nevertheless you are not bound to a certain budget.

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