6 advertising goals for Instagram

By Sarinah, 14 July 2023

Instagram Ads

Say, you have a business that sells gear for playing hide and seek in an open field and you want to run ads on Instagram:what goals are possible and which goals work best for your business? We’ll guide you through different goals that can be achieved through advertising on Instagram and discuss the most effective strategies for various situations or businesses to achieve optimal results. Instagram is at the forefront when it comes to visual content. Advertising and maintaining visibility on the platform are crucial for business growth. To make the most out of this platform, it’s necessary to set clear goals tailored to the unique needs and situations of each company.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Show yourself! For startups or smaller companies increasing brand awareness is often the first goal. Also for bigger companies it’s important to always be visible and speak to a new audience. Instagram provides a platform to showcase the personality, products, or services of your brand. By focusing on targeted strategies related to brand awareness goals, such as video views or estimated ad recall, you can reach a large and relevant new audience on Instagram. Branded Content ads enable collaborations with creators, allowing you to promote paid partnership ads and most importantly reach their organic audience. This is an excellent way to reach a new audience.

Drie voorbeelden van Branded Content Ads op Instagram

Generating Website Traffic

Instagram offers numerous features to drive more traffic to your website. This is interesting for any business that offers online sales but is also important for telling your story with your website. After warming up a new audience with content that showcases your brand, you want to encourage them to visit your website to delve deeper into what you have to offer. By linking to the appropriate landing pages on your website, you can generate website traffic that’s interested in your company. Ensure not only the right call-to-action buttons and swipe-ups but also appropriate ad copy. A seamless connection from the ad to the landing page is crucial. This enhances the user experience and sets the right expectations, ultimately leading to more purchases and a true engaged website visitor.

Driving Purchases

Instagram advertisements offer a wide range of possibilities for companies looking to increase their sales or conversions. For example, you can use shopping tags, Instagram Checkout, catalog ads and dynamic ads to make the purchase process seamless. Shopping tags allow users to discover and buy products without leaving the app. Instagram Checkout provides a simplified payment experience, allowing customers to easily make purchases without going to an external website. Catalog ads allow you to showcase your products or services directly from your feed, which is convenient for businesses that sell a lot of different products or have a fast changing inventory. Dynamic ads automatically adapt based on user behavior and interests, enabling you to make relevant and personalized product recommendations. By implementing these strategies, you can stimulate sales and increase conversions.

Een voorbeeld van een carrousel ad op Instagram Een voorbeeld van een collection ad op Instagram

Generating Leads

By utilizing lead forms on Instagram, you can gather high-quality leads. Lead forms offer various customizations, making them versatile for different purposes. Offer an interesting PDF download or run a temporary giveaway to encourage the submission of contact information, for example. By asking the right questions in a lead form, you can maintain the quality of leads. These leads can then be followed up through a mailing list or newsletter for instance.

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Fostering Community Engagement

Whether big or small, it’s essential for every business to build brand loyalty and keep your audience engaged. Instagram provides an ideal platform to foster a connection with your audience. By personalizing ads for different target groups, you can get closer to your intended audience. Encourage likes or comments on boosted posts through an engagement campaign.

Boosting App Installations

For businesses offering an app Instagram provides the opportunity to direct users to the app store, thereby stimulating downloads. Call-to-action buttons like “Download” or “Install Now” can be used for this purpose, when your audience is less familiar with the brand you can use “Learn More”. Using fitting ad copy and a good teaser video of what the app is about will stimulate downloads.

Instagram offers numerous possibilities to achieve various advertising goals for various companies or situations. It’s important to explore the available options for specific objectives and determine the appropriate strategy for your business. By making smart use of targeted content and the diverse advertising capabilities of Instagram, any company can achieve great results. Each situation requires a different approach, and it’s crucial to continually test different strategies and evaluate their effectiveness. To optimally use your advertisements, you can also involve Hide and Seek. Feel free to fill in the contact form below, or be welcome for a cup of coffee at one of our offices!

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