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We are a team of experts in online advertising and work with all the online advertising tools every single day.

The aim of Hide and Seek is to always be the agency of choice. That’s why we always involve our customers, communicate closely with our customers and make sure we are fully transparent and cooperative in everything we do.

Our history

Our founders met while working at Google in Dublin. During their time at Google, they recognised the need for a customer-focused online agency that would always put customers first. In January 2014, they founded Hide and Seek with this goal in mind.

Since our start, our mission is to bring positivity through good results and lasting relationships with our customers, partners, and employees. We strive to be the “agency of choice” by ensuring that our people and our customers never have to doubt whether they are at the very best place to work with us.

Our plan for the future is to keep this customer focus and bring more positivity together with our great team!

Since the start, we have remained committed to our customer focus and building lasting relationships with our customers, partners, and employees.

Getting to know eachother

First, we would like to learn more about your organization, objectives, timeline, and needs. We will explain our services and approach to determine whether there is a match between our organizations. If there is, we can move on to step two.

Account Deepdive

Next, we would like to conduct an account deep dive to gain insights that will help us create a fitting proposal. We will use data to determine the channel mix, messaging, and data and tech needs.

Proposal presentation

During our (video) meeting, we will present our proposal outlining our suggested online strategy. We will provide you with different scenarios and related fees, and there will be plenty of time for questions.

Let’s start!

After you have reviewed our proposal and selected the scenario that best fits your needs and situation, we can begin working immediately. We look forward to working closely with you to achieve success!


At Hide and Seek, we always start by ensuring that our knowledge is up-to-date. As specialists, we understand the importance of continuous learning and sharing within our team. By working together, we can outsmart individuals.


The online world is continuously changing, which means that our strategy should be as well. We work with a ‘strategy cycle’ to ensure that we zoom out regularly and make sure that our online strategy is always fully aligned with your overall organisational objectives.


We believe that the best way to work together is by creating a team with our customers. There is no ‘they’ and ‘we,’ only ‘us.’ We want the best results just as much as our customers do.


Just as our team is made up of great individuals, so are our clients. We do not have an off-the-shelf service. We work on a case-by-case basis, fully customized and always flexible enough to change plans and turn in a different direction.

Meet the team

Arnoul de Wit

New Business Development

Eric Tonnaer

Finance Officer

Erik Theelen


Jeroen Tiebout

SEO Specialist

Jennifer Tuninga

Team Lead Social

Julia Donkers

Social Media Specialist

Kevin Liu

Social Media Specialist

Marlous Pegels

Google Ads Specialist

Want to work in
our great team?

We like our flexibility, our personal approach, our close relationships, and our style. Our aim is to always work the way we work today – together with you!

Does our approach make you enthusiastic? Do you see yourself working at Hide and Seek? Read more about our vacancies below or send us an open application if you feel that you could be a great addition to our team!

Search Ads Specialist

Based in Amsterdam

Based in Amsterdam

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