We target the right audience,
with the relevant message.


We are an online marketing agency. Anywhere and at anytime we can target the right audience with the relevant message. We manage and optimise by the minute, to guarantee the best results for your budget.

We are knowledgeable, personal,
strategic and different.

It all starts with being online marketing experts, bringing in our experience to build for the future, working as one team with all partners and doing this on a customised base for all projects.

More about us

Local, National,
International and Global.

We are one team, living apart together. Already since our start, we have been covering The Netherlands from South to West and North to East.

With our campaigns our reach has been way further. From campaigns of local players, to global companies in many different languages. We have the online advertising at our finger tips and can easily tap into the many countries out there.

Our work

Paid online campaigns from A to Z

The core of what we do at Hide and Seek is online advertising, meaning paid online campaigns. This goes back to the heritage of our founders, who met each other when working at Google.

Hide and Seek started off with a focus on Google Ads, then expanding to many other advertising networks. As a good website (SEO & CRO) and Data & Tech are critical for successful online campaigns, these activities are also a critical part of our core focus.

We are true experts within the online advertising field. It is an ever evolving world of its own. We know the game. And love to play it, every day!

Our services

Google ads

We cover both Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform within our team. These platforms offer advertising solutions for all types of advertisers, big and small, regular versus premium, and branding versus conversion. Let’s work together to find the best mix for you!


Example Google Ads services:

All Google Ads
Socials ads

We can help you reach your online goals by advertising on any social media channel that allows ads. Whether you want to reach Gen-Z on TikTok or a professional crowd on LinkedIn, we can work together to decide on the best objectives and formats to use.


Example Social Ads services:

All Social Ads
Data & Tech

Data and technology are essential for effective campaigns. By ensuring that your technology (including your website and tracking) is in place, we can segment and gather smart data that can be used for realistic evaluations and smart campaigns.


Example Data & Tech services:

All Data & Tech
Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work

Since the start of Hide and Seek, we have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful customers. We are very proud of that, which is why we are happy to share a small selection!